Web Development

A) Build/ Develop custom websites and web applications

  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Supply Chain management solutions
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Web enabling legacy systems
  • Employee relationship management solutions
  • Build Web Service Applications
  • Develop personalization modules in web applications
  • Create and build communities on the web
  • Redesign and evaluation services
  • Content development services

B) Manage websites and web applications

  • Internet Marketing (Content and Promotions)
  • Maintenance Services

C)Consultancy Services

  • Business Process Outsourcing Services
  • Custom Software Development Services

We help our customers make the move from brochure ware like online catalogs and directory listings to customer interactive businesses where customers are empowered to come in, ask and demand value for their money. We are also a transaction enabler who expands transaction-oriented processes like selling products to procuring supplies and enabling internal processes like HR activities, sales and management on the web. We help create communities of interest and link partners in a value chain.

We help clients move their services and products up the value chain and create a unique experience for their customers. Our services help consolidate customers, distributors and partners using Web-enabled processes and thereby transform key processes within an organization