Our Delivery Model

Niha Communications has constructed a delivery model that is a unique combination of domain expertise, operational excellence and effective use of technology. This delivery model helps us in our goal of meeting and exceeding client expectations. Engagement Model

Niha Communications provides our clients with flexible engagement models whilst ensuring a high level of visibility throughout the process. A combination of our global delivery model, medical domain experience, healthcare market knowledge and customer focus provides our clients with superior services at all times while entailing a reduction in total cost of delivery by over 30%. Our collaborative engagement models offer flexibility in the degree of control our clients wish to retain over their project while we work on smoothly transitioning the project. From Part Scope to End-to-End service, from Revenue Share to Fixed Price contracts, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with built-in clauses for continuous improvement of processes - our endeavor is to enhance productivity and client satisfaction at every stage. Transition Methodology

At Niha Communications, transition management is a step-by-step process with a strong focus on ensuring that the transition of all projects is on-scope, on-time and on-budget. Every client will interface with an Niha Transition Manager who will work closely with the client team to facilitate a smooth implementation of the project.

The key features of our transition process are :

  • Detailed Statement of Work (SOW) process
  • Dedicated Project Manager for each client
  • Collaborative implementation process to capture key client expectations and to translate to measurable SLA metrics