Domain Name

To make an organization’s presence felt on the web, there is the need for a domain name. Domain names are allocated to machines and networks so that one can recognize them from other machines and networks on the Internet. In a way they are like a telephone number. In this direction Niha Communications provides a competitive and thought rewarding domain name registration. Niha Communications is a domain name registration company at hyderabad.

Before one applies for a domain name one needs to have it to be configured with our DNS servers. This involves applying for a virtual server account with us. Once your application has been processed, Niha Communications would email the relevant details one needs to completing the form. For Registering a new Domain Click here.

Renew your Domain:

After registering one’s domain name with Niha Communications there is the provision for adding extra time to your expiration date. The extension of the life period of the domain is up to a maximum of 10 years; this makes one free of the worry about the expiration date for a very long time. A determined price needs to be paid for the renewal of domain, for one year.

After renewing your domain name, one can see whether the extra years has been successfully allocated by checking the World-Wide Internet database. If one has already registered the domain name, the transfer can be facilitated within few minutes. And if still left with time left over from your previous Register, one can avail the advantage to get to keep all that time, plus add to the existing time you have left. One can avail the full time when the transfer is with Niha Communications. All these provisions at no extra cost, with the standard charges amounting to $ 11.00 renewal rate for each registration year, instead of the $ 35/- rate that one needs to shell out, elsewhere.

Transfer of Domain Registration:

The transfer of domain from the previous register to the present register is in everyway feasible, subject to 4 simple conditions that must be met for a domain to be transferred successfully; the domain has already been registered or transferred less than 60 days ago; the previous register has the name locked for either non-payment, or at the clients request; the domain has already passed its expiration date or is about to expire soon in 30 days; and if the client has no access to the registered Admin Contact E-mail for the domain, or the person listed on the domain’s Admin Contact email doesn’t approve the transfer within 5 days after initial transfer request.

Niha Communications charges no fee for the transfers, but at the time of the transfer one is required to purchase 1 year of renewal registration at the current renewal rate of $11.00 per year. This means adding one extra year to the registration expiration date of the domain. Better transfer now! And the advantage is full registration time and no time to be lost with the old register. The early step means the better step

How To Pay?

Send a DD/Cheque in favour of Niha Communications. or Deposit cash at Union bank all over India A/c Niha Communications Pvt. Ltd., or if having an account with Union bank one can transfer the amount directly through Internet Access.

Domains are just like stocks, bonds and many other forms of investment, the domain name is worth nothing until it is sold. It may have some kind of intrinsic value, just like a stock may have a paper value of certain number of dollars or rupees. This concept of value means very little until everything is concretized in terms of actual money. Therefore, to capitalize on the purchase, one needs to sell the domain name.

To talk in a simple tone, there are two basic ways to sell a domain name, plus minor variations. One can choose to sell the domain name by own efforts, or by availing the services of a company to sell the domain name for them. Domain names are a commodity just like any other, and there are several companies specialize in trading domain names.