About Us

Niha Communications Pvt Ltd is an Indian Software Development Company specializing in evolving unparalleled web solutions, especially in e-commerce and other Internet technologies. The vision of Niha Communications since its inception was to look through the growth and development of the small and medium sized portals heralding the growth of the new economy’s enterprise.

Niha Communications is a pioneer in e-commerce in India. It has designed and has been maintaining India's first e-com gift portal - www.countryoven.com for its client Country Oven.Inc of USA.

Having received overwhelming response to www.countryoven.com Niha Communications was entrusted with another project to develop one more gift portal covering over 5000 gift articles, the www.giftagift.com that was completed within a record time and has become a big hit with Indians residing abroad. The www.countryoven.com and www.giftagift.com have gained invaluable database of loyal customers who regularly use the services provided by them.

Niha Communications offers a wide range of Internet related services including web designing, web hosting and maintenance. It has developed a lot of web sites for various clients from various fields. The list of clients includes Agricultural industries, Hospitals, Consumer products, Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies, Advertising and communication specialists, HAM Radio services and educational institutions.

The highlight achievement of Niha Communications has been the method of combining on-site and offshore project execution modes, that means drastic reduction of costs and offers an excellent value for money proposition, to our international clients.The high quality human resources that have enabled Niha Communications to achieve remarkable success, is indeed an expression of discreet selection practices of the company’s human resource specialists. The key to every professional selection is good interpersonal communications and a sizable quality portfolio, and hence considered one of the best in the software industry.

Consisting of high-aptitude system and software engineers, multimedia experts and content writers, the team is highly empowered and is behind each of the quality solutions that were provided to clients around the world. The work environment at Niha Communications reflects professional approach to dedicated team spirit, and serves as a motivational ground for the professional and personal growth of the software talent. And this specific feature has enabled Niha Communications to repeatedly demonstrate its ability to win and execute global projects against stiff and tough competition.

Niha Communications never confined its operations to any one region of the world. As a faithful expression of the core of the new economy, its operations enfold national and global clients. The approach has been to analyze each client's market situation and requirements, and structure a site that would generate the most long-term value and create an image for its brands with customized graphic design that creates a unique visual feel. Our goal is to enable our clients to get the most out of their Web projects.

Be it is an individual who just wants to put a family photo album on the Internet for relatives to see, or a Fortune 500 company looking to expand its operations to implement an e-commerce strategy, Niha Communications is ready with a plan to meet the equirement.

Though the global client list of Niha Communications presents many a prominent company, those that stand out prominently are, the auction site - telecombid.net for a major ISP- Servetel Inc, based in Texas. It is a bidding site similar to ebay.com with unique feature of reverse bidding also. And panhealth.com that is a major health portal based at New Jersey, USA. Niha Communications has also entered in to a strategic alliance with panhealth.com to develop web sites and e-com components for all its associate companies and business partners.

Niha Communications has been providing services to individuals and large corporations alike for half a decade and has successfully launched several sites on the Internet. The commitment is to help the customers turn their vision into an E-Commerce success.